Secure Contact

If you have a story that you think needs to be told, I want to write it. I’m especially concerned about corporate and governmental decisions that adversely impact disabled Americans and am ready to expose bad actors. Depending on the information, you can just phone me (612) 396-4837 orĀ email me and we’ll get to work.

Sometimes, though, you want to protect your identity and secure your information more thoroughly. Here are three good ways to send me information:

  • Signal: I use an encrypted phone call and text messaging service called Signal. You can read more about it here. NOTE: I will be able to see your number if you do this. My number is (612) 396-4837.
  • PGP: I have a PGP key for people who want more encryption. Here’s my public key. Fingerprint is: 2E91 62E8 59D3 549E

It’s also possible to just send me messages below. You can remain anonymous or tell me the best way to get back in touch with you. You don’t have to give me a real email, but could instead just suggest a safer means to connect.