2017 in Review

The stats: 93 published columns.
66 at Pacific Standard
9 at CNN
5 at The Nation
4 at Washington Post
2 at The Ladders
1 at The Guardian
1 at The Atlantic
1 at Newsweek
1 at Eater
1 at The Establishment
Writing is very different as a column. I’m grateful to Pacific Standard for bringing me on board and already filing for January. Over the next days I’ll highlight a few pieces you might have missed.
Still writing a book, writing a little work-for-hire piece, and a thousand big projects after that.
  1. Yes, there were People of Color in Pre-modern Europe (Pacific Standard, 12/29/17)
  2. Wil Butler’s Disco Town Halls (Pacific Standard, 12/28/17)
  3. Feature: Disability and Disaster in the Age of Climate Change (Pacific Standard, 12/21/17) 
  4. Facebook won’t fight blood libel (Pacific Standard, 12/15/17)
  5. Al Franken has Resigned (Pacific Standard, 12/7/17)
  6. Here comes Austerity to Kill Us (Pacific Standard, 12/7/17)
  7. How to Teach A Cyborg (The Atlantic, 12/6/17)
  8. The CFPB Protects Davids from Goliaths (CNN, 11/29/17)
  9. The GOP Tax Bill Attacks Graduate Students (Pacific Standard, 11/21/17)
  10. Franken Should Resign (CNN, 11/20/17)
  11. States of Neglect (The Nation, 11/14/17)
  12. The GOP Tax on Disability (Pacific Standard, 11/7/17)
  13. It’s always been the guns (The Nation, 11/6/17)
  14. Indoctrination on Right-Wing Campuses (Pacific Standard, 11/3/17)
  15. Immigration Rights are Disability Rights (Washington Post, 10/28/17)
  16. Bump Stocks and Sandy Hook (Pacific Standard, 10/27/17)
  17. Betsy DeVos Attacks Special Ed (Pacific Standard, 10/24/17)
  18. Stop Using Cannibalism to Justify Columbus (Pacific Standard, 10/13/17)
  19. White Supremacy and Medieval Studies (Pacific Standard, 10/9/17)
  20. Paul Ryan Pretends to Care about Mental Health only after Mass Shootings (CNN, 10/5/17)
  21. There are no Natural Disasters (Pacific Standard, 10/4/17)
  22. Ohio Politicizes Down Syndrome to Attack Abortion (Pacific Standard, 10/3/17)
  23. The ADA is not Optional. (Washington Post, 9/26/17. With Lennard Davis)
  24. Headphones and Hamilton (Pacific Standard, 9/25/17)
  25. A Week in Policing and Disability (The Nation, 9/22/17)
  26. Milo’s Phony Rally (Pacific Standard, 9/22/17)
  27. 5 Ways for Liberal Arts Majors to Get Jobs (The Ladders, 9/21/17)
  28. Do Not Involuntarily Commit The Homeless During Hurricanes (Pacific Standard, 9/15/17)
  29. Bodily Autonomy and the Left (The Nation, 9/13/17)
  30. Nazis Love Medieval Studies. What Now? (Pacific Standard, 9/6/17)
  31. We’re Failing Our Test for the Age of CRISPR (The Nation, 8/29/17)
  32. Portlight Fights to Save Disabled People After Harvey (Pacific Standard, 8/29/17)
  33. Florida Demands Parents Call Their Kids Limited (Pacific Standard, 8/28/17)
  34. Google Bros and Medieval Beer Bros (Pacific Standard, 8/22/17)
  35. Why We Need to Name Nazis (Pacific Standard, 8/17/17)
  36. Are Internet Standards Hurting Accessibility? (Pacific Standard, 8/3/17)
  37. 5 Ways to Talk about Disability on the Job Hunt (TheLadders.com, 8/2/17)
  38. Sterilizing People with Disabilities in Prison (The Marshall Project, 7/26/17)
  39. Feature: The Internet of Restaurants is Coming for your Data (Pacific Standard, 7/25/17)
  40. The History of Dyslexia (Pacific Standard, 7/21/17)
  41. The GOP Plan for Healthcare is Obamacare (7/19/17)
  42. Racist Misinformation about Medicaid (Pacific Standard, 7/14/17)
  43. Why I won’t raise my son in Illinois (Pacific Standard, 7/6/17)
  44. Support Lisa Durden (Pacific Standard, 6/27/17)
  45. Block Grants: A History (Washington Post, 6/26/17)
  46. ADAPT takes the Senate (Pacific Standard, 6/22/17)
  47. Feature: Police Killings: Being Black and Disabled in America (The Guardian, 6/22/17)
  48. Can Trump’s Disability Commissioner Be Trusted? (Pacific Standard, 6/22/17)
  49. The Worst Juice Commercial Ever (Pacific Standard, 6/21/17)
  50. Medicaid Works. (CNN 6/20/17)
  51. Interview: Seanan McGuire (Pacific Standard, 6/15/17)
  52. Feature: Seraph Jones and Ashton Gelfand – Criminalization of Autistic Kids (Pacific Standard, 6/12/17)
  53. Donald Trump: You Ain’t No Henry II (CNN, 6/9/17)
  54. Restaurants Haven’t Lived Up to the Promise of the American Disabilities Act (Eater, 5/31/17)
  55. Make Vinland Great Again (Washington Post, 5/31/17)
  56. Lower Ed vs Betsy DeVos: What’s So Great About Being a Customer? (Pacific Standard, 5/30/17)
  57. Colorado ADAPT: Saving Medicaid through Direct Action (Pacific Standard, 5/25/17)
  58. Jim Hines: Funny and Serious about Gender in Sci-Fi (Pacific Standard, 5/24/17)
  59. Uber’s Deregulated Business Violates Disability Rights Law (Newsweek, 5/17/17)
  60. Why Read a Utopian Novel in 2017? (Pacific Standard, 5/16/17)
  61. ACLU sues New Hampshire for Disenfranchising Disabled Voters (Pacific Standard, 5/16/17)
  62. Disability Misunderstood as Bad Behavior (Pacific Standard, 5/10/17)
  63. How Many Death Row Prisoners Are Disabled? All of them (Pacific Standard, 5/9/17)
  64. In Autism Arrest, Only Thing New was Video (CNN, 4/22/17)
  65. Disability Rights on Death Row (Pacific Standard, 4/21/17)
  66. “I thought I understood America.” Talking American Gods with Gaiman (Pacific Standard, 4/20/17)
  67. What should you do when your favorite celebrity gets autism wrong? (Pacific Standard, 4/19/17)
  68. Stop Sucking: Environmentalism vs Accessibility (Pacific Standard, 4/11/17)
  69. After San Bernardino, We need Fewer Guns, More Empathy (April 10, 2017. CNN)
  70. How to Break Ground for Deaf Actors in Hollywood (April 2017, Pacific Standard)
  71. Day of the Dead Languages (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  72. The Supreme Court Sets a New Precedent on the Death Penalty and Disability (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  73. Can Disability Rights Stay Bipartisan? (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  74. Disabled Americans: Stop Murdering Us (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  75. Stop Calling Some Needs ‘Special’ (March 2017, The Establishment)
  76. Feature: Meet the Radical Disabled Americans Fighting the GOP Health Care Bill (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  77. How Disabled Americans Are Fighting the GOP Health-Care Bill (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  78. The Shows Shaking Up Disability Representation on Television (March 2017, Pacific Standard)
  79. Wonder the Goldendoodle and SCOTUS (Pacific Standard, 2/24/17)
  80. How to Debunk Myths About Autism (Pacific Standard, 3/6/17)  
  81. Academic Jobs Screen out Disabled Candidates (Pacific Standard, 2/14/17)
  82. Don’t Turn my son’s Dancing into Inspiration Porn (The Establishment, 2/8/17)
  83. The Wisdom of Science-Fiction in the Age of Trump (Pacific Standard, 2/8/17)
  84. Milo and Right-Wing Attacks on Free Speech (Pacific Standard, 2/2/17)
  85. Advocacy Groups Confront Trump Dilemma (Pacific Standard, 1/30/17)
  86. Interview: Maria Town (Pacific Standard, 1/26/17)
  87. Betsy DeVos and Special Education (Pacific Standard, 1/18/17)
  88. Down Syndrome and Stories (Pacific Standard, 1/13/17)
  89. The Obama Era is Over (Pacific Standard, 1/10/17)
  90. How a Prosecutor used Disability to Claim Sexual Assault was just Bullying (Pacific Standard, 1/10/17)
  91. Use Streep to Get Real on Disability (CNN, 1/9/17)
  92. The New Blood Libel (Pacific Standard, 1/7/17)
  93. Facebook Live Attack and Violence against Disabled Americans (CNN, 1/6/17)

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