Journalism is what we need to make democracy work.

— Walter Cronkite

“What is the role of the scholar and the expert? Temperatures are rising along with the sea levels. Scientists are discovering the keys to reshaping human DNA. The rallying cry of 1930s American Nazis, “America first,” has been resurrected by the commander-in-chief of the most powerful military the world has ever known. The tweet, the video clip, and the lie can spread from our phones, unfiltered and unchecked, to become a global phenomenon within moments of creation. These stories, and these new and emerging means of communication, reflect the need for academic institutions to orient themselves, at least in part, around expanding access to expertise to the largest audience possible.”

Pacific Standard, 3/13/19

Latest News

Latest News!

David Perry is co-writing a new single volume history of the Middle Ages. Our mission: Kill the myth of the Dark Ages for once and for all!

The official announcement:

“Historians Matthew Gabriele and David Perry’s THE BRIGHT AGES, a single-volume history of the middle ages that recasts the long misunderstood period of human history as one of great beauty and genius, as well as horrific violence, when brilliant stained glass cathedrals – and the bonfires of heretics – illuminated Europe, to Sarah Haugen at Harper, in a good deal, at auction, to William Callahan at Inkwell Management (world rights).”

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