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Over the last few years, Perry’s work has appeared in: CNN, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Nation, The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Chicago Tribune, Pacific Standard Magazine, Newsweek, Playboy, USA Today, NBC News, Al Jazeera America, Eater, Crux, The Mary Sue, and many others. He writes commentary and reported features about many topics, but focuses on politics, history, family, health justice, disability, and education.

Selected Clips

An ornate desk, family history and the Jewish past (The Washington Post (4/29/22)

This is a problem that is bigger than Stanford or Yale (CNN 12/7/22)

Link to article — Skeletons in an archeological dig.Did the Black Death Rampage Across the World a Century Earlier Than Previously Thought? (Smithsonian Magazine, 3/25/22)

Senator John Fetterman holding a mic and standing behind a podium and before an American flag.Why That John Fetterman Interview Caused a Furor (The New York Times, 10/13/22)

Link to article — purple and pink illustration of a big computer screen plugged into a smaller one a robot child and parent are looking atThe future we were promised (The Verge, 9/13/17)

Rep. Ilhan Omar smiling in front of a blue backgroundThe Optimist in the Room (The Nation, 10/15/19)

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