Accessible Conferences – A good set of guidelines

Nice post here on Accessible Conferences. Highlights:

Incorporating accessibility into conference organizing must begin at the earliest stages of conference planning, not least of all to ensure that accessibility is a central item in funding applications. Thus, you will notice that even our CFP for the conference provided a sketch of the accessibility provisions for the conference.


Note that there are guidelines for both presenters and for moderators. If there are any concerns that arise during conference events, please let the moderator know. Moderators will be asked to help facilitate accessibility during sessions. You may ask the moderator for assistance before, during, or after your talk. If needed they will be in touch with Jane Dryden (local conference organizer) or a designated student volunteer.

It’s everyone’s work to be accessible as possible. I now routinely describe my powerpoint slides with sufficient detail that a person with vision issues will have a sense of what I’m talking about. I use a microphone even if I feel I can project. And I try to say that explicitly to tell the audience this is what I’m doing and why, as a way to help spread the culture of accessibility.

For the guidelines themselves, which are solid, please click through to the original link!


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