AL School Official: Segregate Disabled Students to Help Test Scores

From Alabama:

Is it against the law for us to establish perhaps an academy on special education or something on that order,” asked Bell, “so that our scores that already are not that good would not be further cut down by special-ed’s test scores involved?”

When Bell’s colleagues mentioned LRE, she didn’t seem to understand. “It doesn’t matter about that. You can make it the least restrictive environment,” she said, “I’m trying to see if you can move them out.”

The whole testing world drives ableism. Also ableism drives the testing world and its focus on assessing IQ. School officials have long been using various tricks to drive out disabled students from their testing pool. Charter schools are often based on the premise that they can keep out the “difficult” students and crow about testing scores.

So yeah, this woman’s remarks are a problem and she should resign. But she’s a symptom of a much bigger disaster behind the scenes.

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