Jenny McCarthy month! Live from Texas

Jenny McCarthy month will last no more than a few days, I hope. She starts on “The View” on the 9th. I’ve written about her for The Atlantic and CNN.

Monks with the Black Death

One of the things that interests me about the anti-vax movement is how it has both right-wing and left-wing elements, with “new age” “science” meeting faith healing. So we begin Jenny McCarthy month in Texas, where an anti-vax mega-church has the measles.

“To get a vaccine would have been viewed by me and my friends and my
peers as an act of fear – that you doubted God would keep you safe, you
doubted God would keep you healthy. We simply didn’t do it,” former
church member Amy Arden told The Associated Press.

And now they have the measles.

As always, the point here is the unexamined way that people “know” things. We all do it, I believe, to some extent. But this one is particularly strong, and it’s fascinating to me the way that the McCarthy folks and this church align – by using common sense to come to entirely the wrong decision.

During an August 2010 broadcast, Copeland expressed shock at the number of vaccinations recommended for his great-grandchild.
“I got to looking into that and some of it is criminal. … You’re
not putting – what is it Hepatitis B – in an infant! That’s crazy. That
is a shot for a sexually transmitted disease. What? In a baby?” he said.
“You don’t take the word of the guy that’s trying to give the shot
about what’s good and what isn’t. You better go read the can or read the
thing – find out what’s going on there and get the information on there
because I’m telling you, it’s very dangerous the things that are
happening around us all the time.”

Don’t take the word of the doctor (note male, the “guy”). Read the “can.” Read the “thing.” Get “information.” This isn’t faith healing, but it points towards a distrust of science and medicine. And the frustrating thing is – I really don’t like Big Pharma and the medicalization of our lives. But vaccines work, and this kind of epistemology, “what is it, Hep. B. – in an infant!,” leads us astray.

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  1. Diana says:

    I think what fascinates me is that historically families used to live in fear that illnesses would take their children. We have some folks who now have come full circle and embrace fear mongering against the vaccines that save those lives.

  2. Christine Vara says:

    Have you heard how wishy-washy Pastor Pearson's was in addressing her congregation even after she knew there was a measles outbreak. I discuss it in my blog post today on Shot of Prevention ( She basically says go get immunized in faith, but if you believe your household is covered by faith, than don't do it. Except her words were more like "if you know, that you know, that you know that you've got this covered"…sounds like she is as eloquent as her father. You can hear her comments at the end of this clip.

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