On Silencing: You’re Not Being Silenced Bari Weiss (et al.)

Bari Weiss has been writing the same “I’m silenced” essay for a long time, joined by a huge range of rich, powerful, connected, folks. She came up with this latest “intellectual dark web” piece about people who are well known, rich, powerful, and connected in order to assert … what? I think her thesis is that fearless “pursuers of the truth” are being silenced, but it turns out they are the opposite of oppressed or silenced. How do I know? Because Bari Weiss also wants to tout their fame.

She has nothing to write about but culture wars. In this case, the NYT gave her the services of a Pulitzer Prize photographer, spending some thousands of dollars to create a weird photo shoot.

What  didn’t seem to happen with this piece was an edit through the inherent contradictions of the piece.

How can these people be so exiled to some “dark web” when they are hyper visible? Raking in the millions?

It’s just another case of dominant people wanting all the power but also to take the discourse of marginalization, as they think it would exempt them from certain kinds of criticism.

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