Rally for Maybelle – Crowdfunding Babysitting Funds for A Girl With Down Syndrome

Alison Piepmeier is a pretty awesome person, by all reports. I don’t know her personally, but someday I hope to change that. Here are some things that I do know.

  • She is the director of the Women’s and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston, the awesome place that had every Freshman read “Fun Home,” by Alison Bechdel, much to the dismay of homophobic lawmakers in the state. You can read about the controversy here (by Piepmeier).
  • She is the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome, named Maybelle.
  • She writes about parenting for outlets such as Motherlode. This essay, in particular, embodies the pro-information approach that I also write about
  • She has a brain tumor (her blog post about the diagnosis).
She is going into surgery soon.
A friend has set up a site raising money for babysitting for her daughter. I have donated and I would like you to do so as well.
Alison and Maybelle in matching outfits
I don’t really know what else to say to get you to donate, if you can, and to get you to share this story across your social media feeds. You can read Alison’s blog here in which she offers her thoughts, her gratitude, her embarrassment, her worries, her loves. It’s quite something and worth your time.
If you have the means, please help a little. 
Every time I write a post, anywhere from 100-4000 of people read it. If 100 of you donated 10$, it would go a long way. And if you can’t, please consider sharing the message.
Thank you. 

8 Replies to “Rally for Maybelle – Crowdfunding Babysitting Funds for A Girl With Down Syndrome”

  1. Alison Piepmeier says:

    Oh my gosh, David–THANK YOU! I would love to meet you sometime soon. And I appreciate your support here. It's blowing my mind (and every time I make a "mind" joke it either makes me laugh or feel sick. Laughing this time.)

  2. David Perry says:

    Hmm. I'm not sure how. Blogger's comment system is infuriating. I have a link to your blog in the piece above though that works. I'll bold it for emphasis.

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