Southern Nationalism = White Supremacy (with Bonus Templar Content)

This is well-known (I gather, not my world) cosplayer Alisa Kiss and her boyfriend at Charlottesville Nazi rally, chanting “Jews will not replace us.” Note his Templar shield (which is what caught my interest).

A gif of the white supremacist march in Charlottesville. A white man
holds the hand of a white woman. He has a Templar shield and is shouting
“You will not replace us, Jews will not replace us.”

Kiss has claimed she wasn’t really at the rally, just tagging along with some “Southern Nationalist friends” for fun. She was 1) lying 2) Southern nationalism is code for people who want to create a white supremacist state and cling to Lost Cause ideology. It is not a neutral word for folks who are fond of the South. If they are your friends, you are pals with white supremacists.

Her career is collapsing. Maybe Jews will replace her after all.

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