Sunday Roundup

Later today, I’m going to talk about Disney and what I think functions as a kind of Rorschach test. It’s been fascinating if, admittedly, infuriating, to see people not see the world exactly as I see it! Such moments are usually good moments for introspection. More on that this afternoon.

For now, here’s the roundup of the week’s posts:

  • Sunday – I began last week with the tragic case of Andy Lopez, and what I see as a cult of compliance story. More details have emerged since, but the tragedy and the particular issues relating to the police who shot Andy still operate in the larger context of the veneration of compliance. It’s that veneration which enables the cop to be that way.
  • Monday – It’s not clear whether Lopez was wearing headphones (I think, now, that he wasn’t, or it would have come out). But I’m sure people are victimized by police when unable to hear commands thanks to headphones. It’s interesting, if troubling, to think how this will play out as our immersion in technology continues.
  • Tuesday – Finishing out the grim world of compliance and violence, I looked back at a 2011 beating of a man with Down syndrome.
  • Wednesday – I shifted to sexism and a story in which a sexist firm claimed it couldn’t be sexist because a woman wrote a sexist memo and women can’t be sexist (to other women). I debunked.
  • Thursday – I introduced a new concept (to my blog, it’s not brand new!): Parenting as “The Long Game.”
  • Friday revisited the issues of Ender’s Game, as I see them.
  • Saturday was a busy day in which I saw a student (who wrote about disability in my class) receive a major award.

Back later with Disney!

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