Sunday Roundup: Blogging, Politics, Media and Disability

I wrote two pieces about presidential debates:
But I also wanted to talk about the way the GOP attacks higher ed and our too-often misguided defenses. Rubio said that welders make more than philosophy majors. He’s wrong, but too many pundits used his mistake to laud philosophy. They’re missing the point. So I wrote:
  • Three Rules of Academic Blogging (, 11/12/15) – Pick a good platform, write what you want (don’t worry about staying “academic”), and write for the sake of writing, not to be read. These are more lessons I’ve learned than rules.
Reminder – you can see my entire archive of published material here.
Then I wrote a lot of blog posts:
Thanks for reading. Later today I hope to write about anti-racism protests on my campus. Tomorrow I’ll have a piece yelling at casual cruelty on the academic job market. Later next week, The Man In the High Castle.

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