Sunday Roundup – Days of Action, Days of Mourning

Nothing was published this week outside the blog, but I filed several, including a parenting essay that I’m particularly proud of and a closely-researched piece on a coming SCOTUS case. I’m also working on some scholarship that has slowed down my journalism for a week or two.
My Pieces from the week:
Two Vows:
  • Day of Mourning – 3/1/2015. Today is the disability day of mourning. My vow is to continue to try and tell victim-centered stories and to hold other journalists accountable to the same. I will be at the Chicago gathering tonight.
  • National Adjunct Walkout Day. This week had the first national adjunct walkout day. My vow here is to not cross adjunct picket lines. I want to be clear – I think formal labor action MUST be a major part of the pursuit of a living wage for all teachers. I will not cross formal picket lines. I will also do my best to support and join less formal actions as well. But seriously – organize.
Other Posts:

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