Sunday Roundup – Eden Foods and the Cult of Compliance

I am halfway done with my copy-edits on my scholarly book. One more week, I hope.

Two major themes from this week’s writing:

I’ve been working more on Eden Foods. In one piece, I argued that if we can’t win this fight, on our turf, we might as well pack it in. I think I missed, rhetorically, here, as I meant this to be a “yes we can” piece and it was very much read as a “no we can’t.” For the record, we can win this one! And we are – here’s the news from Seattle. Keep the pressure on. 

In more grim news, I wrote two pieces on the use of non-compliance by law enforcement to justify violence, especially as it plays out against disabled people. In Missouri, there’s news about a man with mental illness who was running away and shot in the back. In New York, a man with severe asthma and diabetes was thrown to the ground in a chokehold and asphyxiated. We have to BOTH deal with the injustices of each case AND link them into the broader pattern.
Next week I have two higher-ed articles coming out, one on the way teaching prepares academics for public engagement, another on Catholic universities and their support for undocumented students. 
Thanks for reading.

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