Alice Wong and Reclaiming “Inspiration”

Yesterday, NBC News profiled Alice Wong and the Disability Visibility Project. Go read it! I am genuinely inspired by Alice Wong. With neither budget nor celebrity, she’s created an vibrant, accessible, community of people with disabilities, family members, and allies. She’s told stories and made it possible for others to tell their stories. She works constantly … Continue ReadingAlice Wong and Reclaiming “Inspiration”

Disability and Pop Culture: Alice Wong on Finding Dory

Last week I wrote about Finding Dory and hoping it was good. Although complex and not without its issues (more on that in a second), Alice Wong (founder of the Disability Visibility Project) has mostly very positive things to say. People with disabilities do not see themselves very often reflected in popular culture with authenticity steeped … Continue ReadingDisability and Pop Culture: Alice Wong on Finding Dory