Anti-Semitic Violence and Jared Kushner

Last week I wrote about “The New Blood Libel,” a wave of anti-semitic mythography following the election of Donald Trump. Earlier in the week, bomb threats closed Jewish Community Centers across the Eastern seaboard. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. Meanwhile, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, an Orthodox Jew, is rising in the ranks of … Continue ReadingAnti-Semitic Violence and Jared Kushner

Breitbart and Fox News Save [A] Christmas [Carol]!

3) We know that Breitbart ran a story on the cancellation of A Christmas Carol, blaming the family, with a nativity picture in a church. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) December 23, 2016 A few days ago, would-be theocrat Todd Starnes, a Fox News Christianist pundit, published and performed an inflammatory segment about a school … Continue ReadingBreitbart and Fox News Save [A] Christmas [Carol]!

The Blood Libel: Medieval England and Hamas last week.

Crucifixion of William of Norwich, Holy Trinity church, Loddon, Norfolk As a historian, I work on narrative, memory, and myth. I’m interested in how people respond to events by creating new stories or re-interpreting old ones, applying a narrative lens to the world around them. I have a specific focus on the 13th-century Mediterranean, but I … Continue ReadingThe Blood Libel: Medieval England and Hamas last week.