Online Hate

I wrote about Facebook, Twitter, Google, and ISPs for Pacific Standard. Hate proliferates and they claim they can do nothing. There’s a @facebook group that claims Jews ritually murder Christian babies. We’ve been reporting it for years. Nothing happens. NEW @PacificStand (1) — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) December 16, 2017 But they can do something. … Continue ReadingOnline Hate

Breitbart and Fox News Save [A] Christmas [Carol]!

3) We know that Breitbart ran a story on the cancellation of A Christmas Carol, blaming the family, with a nativity picture in a church. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) December 23, 2016 A few days ago, would-be theocrat Todd Starnes, a Fox News Christianist pundit, published and performed an inflammatory segment about a school … Continue ReadingBreitbart and Fox News Save [A] Christmas [Carol]!