Handler Cancelled – Now Fight the “Free Speech” Framing

Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, has cancelled his plans to speak at Wesleyan for commencement, and will be replaced by Anita Hill. This is the correct outcome. If somehow you missed it, I wrote about Snicket and the allegations of sexual harassment last week. Now the usual “free speech” folks are going to claim this … Continue ReadingHandler Cancelled – Now Fight the “Free Speech” Framing

“I treat everyone the same.”

I’ve been thinking about the way that “treating everyone the same” functions to magnify privilege and reinforce extant power dynamics, rather than promoting equality. Two examples from divergent worlds. First, Daniel Handler’s statement on Gwenda Bond’s blog. At one point he writes, “As someone who’s been a struggling author, I take seriously the responsibilities of … Continue Reading“I treat everyone the same.”

Lemony Snicket and #MeToo

I wrote this today. A little context, including the fact that Wesleyan University intends to put him on stage with, of all people, Anita Hill /1 https://t.co/G9289DC6sj — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) February 22, 2018 A lot here on my latest article. More to come on Wesleyan, in particular, as I watch how this moves.