Suspensions and Minnesota Schools

Florida school officials keep arresting disabled kids for non-compliance, especially those of color. Now they’re adding guns and promoting mental health stigma. #CultOfCompliance — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) March 6, 2018 Yesterday, I wrote about a series of incidents in which disabled children, mostly non-white, whose stories of arrest and abuse in Florida schools have … Continue ReadingSuspensions and Minnesota Schools

Flying Coach

I used an extended airline metaphor to talk about limitations of “choice” in today’s piece at Pacific Standard, then tweeted with an @Delta in the promo tweet. Oops. @Lollardfish David, apologies for any disappointment with your seating. Have you boarded the flt yet? *HKM — Delta (@Delta) May 30, 2017 See, I used my experience with … Continue ReadingFlying Coach

URGENT: Tell Education to Keep Publicizing Civil Rights Data

PLEASE RT: Go to @RegulationsGov to tell @usedgov & @BetsyDeVosED to keep collecting CIVIL RIGHTS DATA. By 2/28. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) February 26, 2017 The U.S. Department of Education collects and publicizes vitally important data on civil rights in U.S. Schools. It fuels both policy and journalism. Without good data, we can’t … Continue ReadingURGENT: Tell Education to Keep Publicizing Civil Rights Data

Inconvenient Metaphors: DeVos Confirmed! IDEA Website Down!

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Department of Education sent me this (I updated the title as well) We were made aware of the problem with the site early this morning and  we are actively working to resolve. There have been server issues relating to this site going back to at least Jan. 27. We’re actively … Continue ReadingInconvenient Metaphors: DeVos Confirmed! IDEA Website Down!