RESOURCE: Elderly Individuals and Police

Bakersfield CA police shoot 73-year-old man with dementia. No gun recovered. #DisabilitySolidarity β€” David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) December 13, 2016 I’m working on a piece on elderly individuals killed or beaten by police. Here’s four stories from NY, IL, CA, and AL – which is to say spanning the country. Francisco Serna: Dementia, 73, … Continue ReadingRESOURCE: Elderly Individuals and Police

Korryn Gaines: Narratives of Race and Disability

Vilissa Thompson, one of the most important writers on race, gender, and disability, has written a powerful and moving piece on Korryn Gaines, the black disabled woman killed in Baltimore County recently. Thompson writes: To be Black, disabled, and female means that you always have eyes on you. You must be β€œon” at all times; … Continue ReadingKorryn Gaines: Narratives of Race and Disability