Declaring Dominican University a Sanctuary Campus

My university, Dominican University, has declared itself a sanctuary campus. We have a long history as a national leader in supporting the rights of undocumented students to access higher education, including regular fund-raising to make that possible. In 2014 I wrote: Over the last few years at my Roman Catholic university, we have begun to … Continue ReadingDeclaring Dominican University a Sanctuary Campus

My Campus, Like Your Campus, Is Probably Racist

UPDATE: Dominican Star article on the protests. Administration has been speaking out in solidarity with the students and we’ll see what happens. Meeting today at 8:30 of Faculty to discuss actions. Last week African-American students at Dominican University protested racism on campus. Here are two videos. The first is a short protest in the cafeteria. … Continue ReadingMy Campus, Like Your Campus, Is Probably Racist

Dominican University – We’re Doing Something Right

In my recent CNN piece, I wrote about my university with both pride and realism. We are a relatively low-cost private school that does some things exceptionally well. Those things that we do well cost money, though. I wrote: The Pell Institute’s publication “Moving Beyond Access: College Success For Low-Income, First-Generation Students” lists advising, tutoring, mentoring, … Continue ReadingDominican University – We’re Doing Something Right

Undergraduates Doing Awesome Things

I am a professor at a small Catholic university on the edge of Chicago. We have an extremely diverse population of students, a teaching-centered institution, a social justice mission, and I go to work feeling extremely lucky in many ways. But especially today. Today we are holding our Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Investigations (URSCI) … Continue ReadingUndergraduates Doing Awesome Things