Lessons from South Carolina

Finn Gardiner writes that “zero tolerance” policies disproportionately affect students of color, disabled students, and especially disabled students of color. Spurred by a violent altercation between a school resource officer and a Black student in 2015, South Carolina’s Department of Education introduced guidelines in the Safe Schools Taskforce Report in 2016 to reduce the likelihood … Continue ReadingLessons from South Carolina

Medicalizing Presidential Candidates, past and present.

Erik Loomis over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money recently emailed me this pdf of a 1975 article in which Garry Wills, the famous author, argued that George Wallace should be disqualified from running for president due to his “infirmity.” [Update: The great Rick Perlstein gave me the link to the Google News archive of the column, … Continue ReadingMedicalizing Presidential Candidates, past and present.

Four Essays by People of Color on Disability and Policing

The shooting of Charles Kinsey and the subsequent disclosure that his client, Arnold Rios Soto, was being kept in a psychiatric ward in the hospital, sparked some very good writing. Here’s four related pieces by people of color that should get more attention. First, Finn Gardiner, Manuel Díaz, and Lydia X. Z. Brown wrote: “Charles Kinsey’s Story Is About … Continue ReadingFour Essays by People of Color on Disability and Policing