SF Disability Rights Advocates Sues Uber

In San Francisco, Disability Rights Advocates is suing Uber. Report from SF Examiner: Although Uber has a wheelchair-accessible service, called Uber WAV, in the Bay Area, Disability Rights Advocates wrote in the complaint that the service is “a sham.” The group conducted a test of the service and found that in Alameda County, not a single … Continue ReadingSF Disability Rights Advocates Sues Uber

Gig Economy and Disability – AirBnB

A few weeks ago I wrote for Newsweek about Uber and its poor record on providing transportation for disabled folks. In the gig economy, profits pour in based on dodging the requirements of the regulatory state that enforce equal accessibility, pay, lack of discrimination, and basic economic justice. When vulnerable populations complain, they are brushed off … Continue ReadingGig Economy and Disability – AirBnB