CN: ABLEIST SLURS – Disability and Community: The Challenge

The differences between different disabilities are so great that grouping all disabled individuals into a ‘disabled community’ is stupid. Physically disabled individuals are very different from mentally disabled individuals. People born disabled are very different from people who became disabled in their old age. The differences are too great for there to be any real … Continue ReadingCN: ABLEIST SLURS – Disability and Community: The Challenge

Down Syndrome is “Hell on Earth.”

Austen Heinz is the typical silicon valley disruptor superstar. Edgy. Controversial. Disruptive. He was profiled for his DNA Startup which allows you to “create life.” In Austen Heinz’s vision of the future, customers tinker with the genetic codes of plants and animals and even design new creatures on a computer. Then his startup, Cambrian Genomics, prints … Continue ReadingDown Syndrome is “Hell on Earth.”