Accessibility and Ed Tech

Lawsuits work. Failure to provide accessible technologies for learners with disabilities can have serious consequences for universities. Many institutions have been sued in recent years for noncompliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, ratcheting up pressure around accessibility issues. As a result, some universities are thinking about how they might work together to test the … Continue ReadingAccessibility and Ed Tech

Free College: Labor and Who is going to Teach?

Matt Reed, a writer at Insider Higher Ed and a community college Dean, wrote a blog post on “Free Community College,” asking whether it’s worth going free if that means hiring LOTS more adjuncts. If free college required a dramatically higher adjunct percentage, should we do it? Yes, that’s a loaded question. It assumes that the … Continue ReadingFree College: Labor and Who is going to Teach?

Autism, Academia, and Why Media Representation Matters

Earlier in the week, Scott Weingart had a brave, essay on being autistic in academic, published in Inside Higher Education. Admitting mental illness or neurodevelopmental disorder is dangerous, unless you’re a middle-class white man diagnosed on the autism spectrum. If you’re black and/or a woman, or if you have depression or anxiety, you may be … Continue ReadingAutism, Academia, and Why Media Representation Matters