There’s a new hashtag campaign around saying the word “disability.” It is initiated and led by my friend and writing companion Lawrence Carter-Long. I am wildly in favor. I am trying, in my writing this year, to write the sentence: “There are no special needs, only needs” as often as possible. We all have needs. … Continue Reading#SayTheWord

Public Shaming Has a Body Count – Confirming vs Reinforcing Hierarchies

As I watched the finale of Game of Thrones, I spent a lot of time thinking about sexualized shame. We’re in a kind of ongoing conversation about internet shame lately, with much of the drama focused on white people who feel really uncomfortable being taken to task by historically marginalized groups (people of color). The … Continue ReadingPublic Shaming Has a Body Count – Confirming vs Reinforcing Hierarchies

The Rise of Neo-Primitivism

I’ve become increasingly interested in nostalgia, especially when used as political discourse (following the scholarship of my friend Matthew Gabriele (@prof_gabriele), a professor at Virginia Tech). It reminded me of this recent essay from Andrew Potter, the editor of Ottawa Citizen, on the “Rise of Neo-Primitivism.” Potter describes the “neo-primitives” imagined by speculative fiction author William … Continue ReadingThe Rise of Neo-Primitivism

Down Syndrome is “Hell on Earth.”

Austen Heinz is the typical silicon valley disruptor superstar. Edgy. Controversial. Disruptive. He was profiled for his DNA Startup which allows you to “create life.” In Austen Heinz’s vision of the future, customers tinker with the genetic codes of plants and animals and even design new creatures on a computer. Then his startup, Cambrian Genomics, prints … Continue ReadingDown Syndrome is “Hell on Earth.”

Eden Foods – Grotesque Mischaracterizations and Fallacious Arguments (#HobbyLobby)

Yesterday I began following the story of Eden Foods (this is a good place to start), an organic food company whose products are beloved by many friends, especially my vegetarian and vegan friends (they make beans and soy milk, among other products). In 2013, the company and their chairman and sole shareholder, Michael Potter, sued … Continue ReadingEden Foods – Grotesque Mischaracterizations and Fallacious Arguments (#HobbyLobby)