Crusades Imagery and Modern European Racism – The Crying Templar

Modern xenophobic Europeans have adopted medieval crusader imagery for their cause. As a medievalist, and more specifically a historian focused on imagination, memory, narrative creation, myth, and political culture focused around medieval crusading, I find this at once worrying and fascinating. Fascinating because it replicates many of the medieval processes by which crusading became a … Continue ReadingCrusades Imagery and Modern European Racism – The Crying Templar

Crusader Costumes in Europe

An Islamophobic hate-rally was held in Prague  last weekend, featuring Neo-Nazi songs, chants of “Burn down all the mosques,” and, interestingly to me, people in Crusader costumes. Here’s some images: Dressed as Crusaders to hear Neo-Nazi singer: Czechs march for president, against refugees — Andrew Stroehlein (@astroehlein) December 16, 2015 So this is a … Continue ReadingCrusader Costumes in Europe