NEH and their REDACTED Decision-Making

After the NEH cancelled overseas summer seminars, I requested two sets of documents via FOIA. You can read all about the context here (article over at the Chronicle), here (collection of comments on how important the program is), and here. My FOIA requests were: All documents (I listed many types) about the cancellation of the summer seminar. … Continue ReadingNEH and their REDACTED Decision-Making

Letter to the NEH from the Medieval Academy

The NEH assumption is that the overseas summer seminar program is done, dead, buried, and finished. They have decreed it so, in their imperial majesty, while hiding culpability and process. In response, the most prestigious academic organizations need to take stands, rather than letting this just slide away into fait accompli. I’m pleased to say … Continue ReadingLetter to the NEH from the Medieval Academy