Medievalism and Racism: The Pendragons

“When a reporter asked under what authority they planned to arrest the mayor, one of the Pendragons cited the Magna Carta.” #medievaltwitter — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) January 14, 2018 A bunch of London racists tried to arrest the Mayor of London. The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is Muslim. The racists brought a noose and … Continue ReadingMedievalism and Racism: The Pendragons


Last week various historians came to D.C. to talk about the alt-right and their use of crusade iconography.  Eventually, various alt right social media accounts became aware of the event and its hashtag, #altcrusade17, and started tweeting violent memes out. Thus proving the point.

The Frankish Racists are … Anglo-Saxons???

UPDATED with the French and clarifications. Marine Le Pen made an interesting claim for those of us tracking the use of history to bolster European racism: France’s presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has told a far-right conference “2016 was the year the Anglo Saxon world woke up”. The Front National leader was among anti-immigration and … Continue ReadingThe Frankish Racists are … Anglo-Saxons???