Adventures in Academic Freedom

Four stories. 1) ALEC is meeting with legislators and talking about pulling funding from public colleges and universities if they don’t include more conservative views. But meanwhile, ALEC is meeting and saying: “pull funding from schools perceived to be limiting discourse.” — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) January 8, 2017 The academic freedom PC … Continue ReadingAdventures in Academic Freedom

RESOURCES: Campus Speech after Trump

1) Don’t taunt students. 2) Everyone is due a clear process. 3) Being an asshole is not challenging orthodoxy. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) December 14, 2016 I’m beginning to collect pieces on campus speech issues for a future essay. Johns Hopkins suspends an adjunct for racist jokes. Does so using a process that does … Continue ReadingRESOURCES: Campus Speech after Trump

Black Lives Matter Pin = Jail. Speech Threats Still Top Down

Ever since “political correctness” jumped into mainstream public discourse as first a threat against higher education, then against free speech everywhere, and – with Trump’s campaign – a threat against the very security of our nation, I’ve been making one argument: Power matters. Mostly, it’s not a problem when marginalized people ask for others to … Continue ReadingBlack Lives Matter Pin = Jail. Speech Threats Still Top Down