The Atlantic Hires Right-Wing Racist Sexist Columnist

Premise: If you can’t find a conservative columnist who doesn’t advocate for hanging women who have abortions, then don’t hire a conservative columnist. I don’t really know what else to say. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) March 23, 2018 I know that it’s a complicated moment to hire right-wing writers. The right-wing itself has … Continue ReadingThe Atlantic Hires Right-Wing Racist Sexist Columnist

Zika, Abortion and Disability Rhetoric

The discourse around Zika has included a constant barrage of ableist language in which reproductive rights advocates suggest that a disability like microcephaly naturally means a mother would want to terminate. There clearly is a problem with access to reproductive choice, but I always maintain we can make that argument without implying that disability equals … Continue ReadingZika, Abortion and Disability Rhetoric