#CultOfCompliance: Tasing and Handcuffing Fails to Stop Meltdown

Yosio Lopez is a 7 year old boy with ADHD and other emotional disabilities in a Dallas school. Sometimes he has behavioral meltdowns when overstimulated and an aide helps him through the process.  As reported on CNN: Yosio Lopez was handcuffed, Tased and bruised by Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Police after the boy started … Continue Reading#CultOfCompliance: Tasing and Handcuffing Fails to Stop Meltdown

Ban Disciplinary Restraint: Oakland

Here’s a new case out of Oakland illustrating the ways that restraint and seclusion practices in schools quickly move from “safety” to compliance. The U.S. Department of Education ruled the Oakland school district discriminated against a 9-year-old autistic boy who was restrained 92 times during one school year, sometimes for up to 90 minutes at … Continue ReadingBan Disciplinary Restraint: Oakland