Captain America: Humanities Major

From The Mary Sue, Alysa Auriemma has a lovely essay about Captain America (in the context of the comic “Civil War”) and a new masculinity. After opening paragraphs on toxic masculinity and patriarchy, she writes: Captain America not only navigates masculinity, but he completely subverts and ultimately rejects our contemporary conceptions of what it means … Continue ReadingCaptain America: Humanities Major

Medievalists in Public! (Writing about the Humanities)

Yesterday at The Conversation, Cecilia Gaposhkin, a medieval historian at Dartmouth, wrote a piece arguing that STEM are not distinct or in competition with the liberal arts. They are the same thing. The idea that STEM is something separate and different than the liberal arts is damaging to both the sciences and their sister disciplines … Continue ReadingMedievalists in Public! (Writing about the Humanities)