Reproductive Rights and Disability Rights – The new wedge

New at The Nation: Anti-choice activists have found what they think is a winning wedge issue: Down syndrome and other “sympathetic” disabilities. The latest attack was in Ohio, where, in late December, GOP Governor John Kasich signed a bill that bans abortions after a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Ten states have either passed similar … Continue ReadingReproductive Rights and Disability Rights – The new wedge

Red States and Disability

My latest in The Nation: Mostly buried beneath early November’s onslaught of news, stories from Oklahoma, Iowa, and Maine reveal the ways that state governments, through both apparent incompetence and maliciousness, are failing disabled residents and their families. In the first two examples, disability programs are being cut as a result of self-imposed budget crises. … Continue ReadingRed States and Disability

It’s the Guns

In my latest for The Nation, I zoom in on a little clause in Trump’s latest comments on mental health and gun violence.  Trump’s comments on mental health are typical of Republican response to violence. He characterized the killer as a “very deranged individual” who has a “mental health problem at the highest level.” This … Continue ReadingIt’s the Guns