Norm Macdonald and Dehumanizing Intellectual Disability

New piece on Norm Macdonald and his use of “Down syndrome” as a slur. Macdonald used the clinical term, Down syndrome, as an attempt to maintain his ability to make de facto “retard jokes”and use intellectual disability as a comedic punching bag without coming under criticism for doing so. In the aftermath of the Stern … Continue ReadingNorm Macdonald and Dehumanizing Intellectual Disability

Donald Trump and the R-word

Donald Trump called Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded.” Does it matter? Maybe. Kinda. Yeah. “Bad words are the least of the problems for disabled Americans, their families, and their communities, coming out of Washington under Trump. People with disabilities who engage in policy and politics remain angry and worried about many aims of the Trump administration, … Continue ReadingDonald Trump and the R-word