Threats to Academic Freedom: Guns vs Political Correctness Run Amok

Thesis: The idea that your students have guns will have a vastly more chilling effect on academic freedom than people asking for trigger warnings, less offensive language, or to be thoughtful about microaggressions. Coming soon from CNN.

(Update for new readers. Hi new readers! Here are some of my writing about Trigger Warnings and PC Culture – I’ve been writing about trigger warnings, political correctness, and safe space issues for almost two years now (starting with this CNN piece, but extending throughout my blog, including ‘trigger warnings are your friends.’).

NOTE: Revised for clarity and confirmation of authenticity. 2:00 CST, 2/23

This is from powerpoint slide with a bullet pointed list of advice for faculty members now that University of Houston students can carry concealed firearms. It reads:

“You may want to

  • Be careful discussing sensitive topics.
  • Drop certain topics from your curriculum
  • Not “go there” if you sense anger.
  • Limit student access off hours.
  • Go to appointment-only office hours 
  • Only meet ‘that student’ in controlled circumstances”
UH has confirmed the slide’s authenticity. Here’s the meeting page with attachments. Download the whole powerpoint. Here’s an image:

Description:” Red and white slide. Black text. 

Original source was this tweet. Bug me, not the tweeter. My sources were unclear why this post and the official slide were different, but I have had it confirmed that the above is the official slide that was shown at the most recent meeting. 

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  1. D.M. says:

    Are there similar presentations being given to students, do you know? Does freshman orientation include the caution that students should avoid any discussion of politics, religion, gender, sexuality, and other sensitive topics during their years in college? Are parents being told that if their sons or daughters are silly enough to disagree with a peer in college then it's their own fault if they are shot?

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