Work-Life Integration

Going Beyond Work-Life Balance

Here’s an excerpt from a recent talk on work/life integration. As a culture, we are working harder and harder, driven by technology that keeps us in touch but makes it impossible to ever really leave the office. Perry draws from his own experiences as a working dad to think broadly about the complexities of trying to make work, family, and fun all fit together. He focuses on identifying the patterns that connect the diverse and
sometimes conflicting elements in life; being intentional in both home and work relationships, and three, speaking out

The goal of this presentation is to help you to find the answers to the most important question:

“What’s Next?”

This video is a workshop on work-life challenges that was co-sponsored by the Northwestern University Women’s Center and the Office of Work/Life Resources. It specifically engaged gender issues, with Perry as the keynote speaker and then a participant with a diverse panel. Too often men avoid these questions, and Perry wants to change that, as a step towards better gender equity overall in the home and the workplace.

In this excerpt, Perry is transitioning from a discussion of broad issues for fathers, mothers, and people without children, to his story.

Perry says: “These distinct challenges cannot be met without frank and open conversations, and it’s my hope to begin such a conversation today, starting with my own story.” He’s ready to bring his story and help such a conversation start for you.

Contact David Perry to hear his story and help your community work on the many challenges of work/life integration.