Work/Life Fit, Gender, Parenting – Some search results

This is a resource post for an upcoming piece about work/life fit and our gendered discourse. I believe these results are a problem for everyone and will discuss it more fully. In the meantime, you too can open a search window and replicate my results. All searches from 6/12/15.

112000 results for “working dad.”

134000 results for “working father.”

920000 results for “working mom.”

1040000 results for “working mother.” Also no images here for reasons I can’t explain.

Bing’s results are even starker. a 20:1 ratio.

90200 results for working dad.

85100 results for working father.

2040000 results for working mom

1950000 results for working mother.

General thesis: Men can’t integrate; women can’t separate. It’s more of a problem for women, but it’s a problem for everyone.

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