2018 Writing in Review

I had a weird year in terms of writing. It started off normal, then I had a mental health crisis, then I had a professional crisis (brought on by my own harmful actions), then I continued to be in mental health crisis and I stopped writing much, then I got help, then I started writing, then my mom died and we had other family crises and I just kept writing faster, and now here we are.
I had 79 pieces published this year, down from 93 last year (thanks summer crisis brain!). 67 at Pacific Standard, 2 at HuffPo, 1 at CNN, 1 at NBC News, 2 at The Nation, 1 at Chronicle of Higher Ed. 
  1. Fire, Flood, and Being Disabled in the Age of Catastrophe (Huffington Post, 12/22/18)
  2. The Five Paragraph Essay Must Die! (Pacific Standard, 12/21/18)
  3. The Death Penalty Goes Local (Pacific Standard, 12/21/18)
  4. Alice Walker and Thomas of Monmouth (Pacific Standard, 12/20/18)
  5. Restraint and the Murder of an Autistic Child (Pacific Standard, 12/20/18)
  6. Free Speech Unless You are Pro-Palestinian (Pacific Standard, 12/12/18)
  7. George H. W. Bush and The ADA (Pacific Standard, 12/6/18)
  8. Ocasio-Cortez and the Politics of Digital Intimacy (Pacific Standard, 11/30/18)
  9. Kevin Kruse and TwitterStorians (Pacific Standard, 11/28/18)
  10. The Art of Stimming (Pacific Standard, 11/27/18)
  11. A last meal with my mom (Washington Post, 11/21/18)
  12. People with Down syndrome are not animals (Pacific Standard, 11/16/18)
  13. Grievance Studies and the Humanities (11/8/18)
  14. Voting Rights Now (Huffington Post, 11/8/18)
  15. Gun Reform, not Mental Illness Stigma (Pacific Standard, 11/5/18)
  16. Interview: Sarah Blahovec for NCIL (Pacific Standard, 11/5/18)
  17. The Kentucky Terrorist (Pacific Standard, 10/29/18)
  18. Dear Sarah Palin: Disabled Kids Ain’t Props (Pacific Standard, 10/25/18)
  19. #HimToo and Male Victims of Sexual Assault. Even me. (Pacific Standard, 10/19/18)
  20. Texas Wants to Kill Kwame Rockwell (Pacific Standard, 10/17/18)
  21. MN AG: Ellison vs Wardlow (Pacific Standard, 10/15/18)
  22. Beat ICE, Run for Sheriff! (Pacific Standard, 10/11/18)
  23. Interview: Bruce Schneier (Pacific Standard, 10/9/18)
  24. Interview: Maysoon Zayid (Pacific Standard, 10/8/18)
  25. Me and My Depression (Pacific Standard, 10/1/18)
  26. Neglect and Indifference in Hurricane Maria (Pacific Standard, 9/28/18)
  27. Interview: Mary Robinette Kowal (Pacific Standard, 9/20/18)
  28. Norm Macdonald and Down Syndrome Jokes (Pacific Standard, 9/19/18)
  29. Did Trump call Jeff Sessions “Retarded?” (Pacific Standard, 9/15/18)
  30. Can Uber and Lyft Become Accessible? (Pacific Standard, 8/31/18)
  31. Disability Groups come out against Kavanaugh (Pacific Standard, 8/20/18)
  32. Climate Struggle and the Hugos (Pacific Standard, 8/17/18)
  33. Introducing CAP Disability Justice (8/14/18)
  34. Facebook Fails on Free Speech (Pacific Standard, 8/2/18)
  35. Can We Save AP World History? (Pacific Standard, 7/26/18) 
  36. On the Trail with Billie Sutton (Pacific Standard, 7/24/18)
  37. Hospitals and Disabled Patients (Pacific Standard, 6/29/18)
  38. First they came for Immigrants, and Lewandowski said womp womp (CNN, 6/20/18)
  39. Interview: John Ross Bowie on Speechless (Pacific Standard, 6/20/18)
  40. Advising as Customer Service (Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/13/18)
  41. USA’s “Colony” and Resisting Fascism (Pacific Standard, 6/8/18)
  42. Disability and Disaster: We’re not Ready (Pacific Standard, 6/1/18)
  43. Don’t Ban Straws (Pacific Standard, 5/31/18)
  44. Interview: Nicola Griffith (Pacific Standard, 5/21/18)
  45. Interview: Richard Painter (Pacific Standard, 5/17/18)
  46. Koch on Campus (Pacific Standard, 5/11/18)
  47. Texas Principal Jokes About Cops Murdering A Student (Pacific Standard, 5/8/18)
  48. Arizona Strike (Pacific Standard, 5/3/18)
  49. Abolish ICE (Pacific Standard, 5/1/18)
  50. Fight the Alt-Right Terrorists (Pacific Standard, 4/30/18)
  51. INTERVIEW: Kelly Baker (Pacific Standard, 4/24/18)
  52. The Right-Wing Plot on Student Government (Pacific Standard, 4/20/18)
  53. Sci-Fi and Assistive Tech (Pacific Standard, 4/18/18)
  54. How to Hold Academic Predators Accountable (Pacific Standard, 4/17/18)
  55. Regulate Sinclair (Pacific Standard, 4/12/18)
  56. Deaf President Now Changed America (Pacific Standard, 4/11/18)
  57. White Supremacists are Radicalizing (Pacific Standard, 3/26/18)
  58. #MeToo and the Commodification of Women’s Pain (Pacific Standard, 3/24/18)
  59. Stephen Hawking’s Legacy: Health Care and Social Supports (NBC News, 3/15/18)
  60. No, The Irish Were Not Slaves Too (Pacific Standard, 3/15/18)
  61. Higher Ed Has 99 Problems and NYT Op-Ed Columnists are One (Salon, 3/9/18)
  62. Lawmakers Make Schools More Dangerous (Pacific Standard, 3/6/18)
  63. How Would Democrats Protect The Environment? (Pacific Standard, 3/5/18)
  64. Repeal the Second Amendment (Pacific Standard, 2/26/18)
  65. Lemony Snicket and Sexual Harassment (Pacific Standard, 2/21/18)
  66. Retailers Attack the ADA (Pacific Standard, 2/14/18)
  67. Trump’s Brain (The Nation, 2/13/18)
  68. The New Gerber Baby. So what? (Pacific Standard, 2/13/18)
  69. Down syndrome and Anti-Choice Propaganda in Ireland (2/8/18)
  70. Don’t Watch the Superbowl (Pacific Standard, 2/2/18)
  71. Your Pills are Spying on you (Pacific Standard, 2/1/18)
  72. IQ Tests and the Death Penalty (Pacific Standard, 1/25/18)
  73. Interview: ADAPTer Anita Cameron (Pacific Standard, 1/22/18)
  74. Unrest and Talking about Suffering (Pacific Standard, 1/16/18)
  75. ICE keeps Raiding Hospitals (Pacific Standard, 1/15/18)
  76. #MeToo is Not a Witch Hunt (Pacific Standard, 1/9/18)
  77. The “Stahl Standard” for Mental Health and Politics Reporting (Pacific Standard, 1/4/18)
  78. Republicans use Fear of Eugenics to Attack Reproductive Rights (The Nation, 1/4/18)
  79. Companies that exploit disabled labor have a friend in Jeff Sessions (Pacific Standard, 1/3/18)

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