Adjuncts, Admin, and Gender – The Sunday Roundup

I had two published essays this week:

One for Chronicle Vitae on The Language of Labor and Adjuncts with a blog comment.
One for CNN on the Canonizations of the Popes John 23 and John Paul 2 with a blog comment.

I’ve been writing a lot about Higher Ed of late, in part thanks to new column opportunities at the Chronicle. For me, writing begets more writing.

I wrote a piece on the numbers of Admin Bloat and some thoughts on how I think it happens. I wrote another on how to talk about the adjunct crisis when you’re privileged (i.e. tenured). I really like both of these pieces and some of the comments, pointing out where I wasn’t clear or wrong.

Earlier in the week, I blogged about McDonald’s and gender norms, a topic that seems to be in the conversation a lot lately, and the use of “trespass” to threaten a family that didn’t want their child to take a test.

Next week is grading week, which means either I’ll write a lot or very little.

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