Another Astounding Adventure of Space Pirate Pilot Ellie!

Pretty much everyone agrees that fostering creativity is one of the most important things you do for a child. Skills are all well and good, of course, but the ability to imagine and create matter so much to overall development. One way to foster, of course, is by reading to them and then with them, as books do wonders for a child’s brain. Imagination play of any kind is fruitful.

When my daughter goes to bed, I usually have her pick between a book or a story, though sometimes she gets both. I tell her silly stories about made-up characters, including a recurring series of adventures of Space Pilot Pirate Ellie! and Space Engineer Nico (First Class). 

Last night, this happened:

Ellie: Will you tell me a Space Pirate Pilot Ellie story?
Me: No, I just read you a whole book!
Ellie: I could tell you one?
Me: Ok!
Ellie: Once upon a time there was a space pirate named Pilot Ellie, and
what she really wanted was a cookie. But not just any cookie. She
wanted the Cookie of Space! But it was guarded by the Cookie King. And
if you ate the Cookie of Space you would become unstoppable and never
die. So she blasted off to the Cookie Planet and met the Cookie King,
and said, “I want the cookie of space, please!” And the Cookie King
said, “No! Not unless we battle.” So Space Pirate Pilot Ellie said, “Ok,
we can do that.” And then they battled. Pew Pew Pew Pew. And then the
Cookie King said, “Ok, you win.” And then they shared the Cookie of
Space. And they became unstoppable. And the next people they battled is
what I will tell you in the next story.

Then I kissed her goodnight. Maybe it’s time to build another spaceship.

From October 2013. My daughter and I made a spaceship!

She’s so serious!

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