Autistic Child Hit by Van Driver

This is my family’s school district. I’ll be watching closely.

The mother of the student told KSTP she did not want her family’s identity revealed publicly, and said her son told her it was the van driver’s aide who assaulted him.

“My son has autism, and he can act out at times,” she said. “And he told me the van driver’s aide warned him to stop doing what he was doing or he would be hit. And my son said she then elbowed him in the chin and backhanded him across his cheek.”

The mother said the district was informed of the incident. But she decided to file a complaint with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday when the same van driver’s aide showed up to take her son to school.

There’s video monitoring on these vans but … it was turned off.

I am angry. I am also afraid for my son. I worry about the abusers all the time and don’t know what I can do to help, other than to keep writing (on a macro level) and keep alert (on a local level). 

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