Awesome! Wow! – My son turns 10

It is, incredibly, my son’s 10th birthday today. All I can say is …

You read the story about Nico and Hamilton, right? And you saw that Lin-Manuel Miranda liked it? Cause that was pretty, um, awesome. Wow.

It’s been a great year. He’s become a particularly great traveller (so long as we can obtain the appropriate foods, something I’ll write about more this year), a good communicator, and remains extremely emotionally savvy.

As I right, he’s rocking out to the guitar solo in “Black Friday Rules” by Flogging Molly and eating a bowl of cheerios. Later, we’ll celebrate with his favorite things – blueberries, pretzels, fig bars (Matt’s, not Newtons), and orange noodles.

Nico wants to communicate. He wants, as I say, to dance like someone’s watching. And so I write, because that’s what I know how to do. Here’s some pieces, old and new.

I’ll have a piece about storytelling coming soon!
Happy birthday to my son.

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