Be Not Afraid (Liberal Professor)

I haven’t had time to write about the Vox piece of “Liberal professor scared of liberal students.” But I’m pleased to say that Amanda Taub, at Vox, has rebutted the piece published by Vox.

Big websites like Vox are formed of independent turfs, with lots of people having access to the “publish” button (with a process going through edits and fact checks and so forth). So maybe whoever cleared the first piece (I’m not linking to it. Go read Amanda’s first, then go back to it if you’ve missed it).

I find Taub’s argument entirely convincing. It echoes my own about the real meaning of student complaints. I also find her critique of the first piece effective: lack of evidence and lack of understanding both drag down the viral first essay.

So why publish it? Who at VOX gave the go ahead? Did they not notice the flaws?

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