Book Accountability Post #1

I’m writing a book. I spent the fall finishing most of my research (still a few research trips this spring for specific pieces of specific chapters), writing a relevant white paper (more to come on that!), and otherwise prepping for … today.

Today my kids went back to school and I started writing. My goal is 1000 words a day. I wrote many more than 1000 words today, but deleted many and dumped others into my scraps file. I am starting at the beginning and proceeding to the end, which is not how I’ve written in the past, but I think it’ll work this time around.

I’m going to post about my writing process so long as I think it’s helping me stay focused. If it becomes a distraction (to me!) or otherwise becomes unhelpful, I’ll stop. I plan to keep this up until I have a completed draft.

So, here we go.

Daily wordcount: 1037
Total wordcount: 1037
Chapter goal: 3000
Total goal: 70000

See you tomorrow.

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