CALL TO ACTION – New Jersey has a great new plan; Providers want to crush it.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has just alerted me to an ongoing
issue in the state of New Jersey. Amazing, New Jersey has come up with a
great new plan to move away from group homes and institutions and bring
real support into the communities.

That model threatens providers’ revenue streams, though, and they are fighting back. Here’s what ASAN has to say.

Last month, the State of New Jersey did something important. For years,
people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been stuck
in places where other people controlled every aspect of their lives.
Now, the State is proposing a new plan
to deliver community services in the community and require those
providing housing supports to respect the rights of people with
disabilities to make their own decisions. The rule also prevents
providers from warehousing people with disabilities in segregated homes
and facilities just for disabled residents.

Unfortunately, the provider lobby is fighting back. Provider organizations are attacking the new rule,
with one prominent NJ housing provider calling it a “misguided social
experiment”. Do you think the rights of people with disabilities are a
misguided social experiment? We don’t – and we want your help telling
the State the disability rights side of the story.

These new rules are out for public comment till February 26th – we would like you to help stand up for disability rights by e-mailing your feedback to
To help, we’ve provided the following sample text to assist you. We
hope you will customize it and make it your own by sharing why you
believe inclusion matters for people with disabilities.

the link, ASAN offers some language to help you write your letter.
Every letter counts. You do not have to be a New Jersey resident to
comment and we need your help. Usually, these kinds of calls to action
are to protest a bad plan. Instead, here we have a chance to support the optimal model for the future.


Tell them you support community-based care!

Thank you.

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