#CripTheVote – Disabled child and mother escorted from Trump rally

In Colorado, a woman and her disabled daughter were escorted from a Trump rally for their own safety. The story is not written well in terms of explaining what actually happened, but if you watch the video (there’s adequate captioning), the story is clear.

Basically, an “undecided” Colorado voter – Jennifer Mau – went with her disabled daughter to a Trump rally, sitting what has become known as the “ADA section” with other people with disabilities. After 20 minutes, she decided, nah, this is not for me, and the two of them got up to go. A disabled person in her section said, “Why are you leaving,” and Mau retorted, “Why are you here? He makes fun of people like you.”

As she left, a Trump supporter began to follow and yell at her, saying that if she loved her daughter she would vote Trump and that she needed to get educated. At that point, the Secret Service got involved to escort Mau safely from the rally.

What’s striking to me is how clearly the Trump-Kovaleski incident of last November has left an indelible impression on many voters, including the kind of undecided suburban voter that Clinton is now courting in swing states. 

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