#CripTheVote on Sub-Minimum Wage Policy

A few months ago I wrote about Clinton’s policy on helping people with Autism and their families. More recently, I wrote about disability entering the political frame of “interest groups.”

Yesterday (Monday, 3/28), I was alerted by Ari Ne’eman of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network that Clinton was asked by an autistic adult about subminimum wages for disabled workers. Clinton’s reply was excellent (transcript from Ne’eman):

“When it comes to jobs, we’ve got to figure out how we get the minimum wage up and include people with disabilities in the minimum wage. There should not be a tiered wage, and right now there is a tiered wage when it comes to facilities that do provide opportunities but not at a self-sufficient wage that enables people to gain a degree of independence as far as they can go. So I want us to take a hard look at raising the minimum wage and ending the tiered minimum wages, whether it’s for people with disabilities or the tipped wage….When people talk about raising the minimum wage, they don’t always talk about the legal loopholes that we have in it and I want to get rid of those and I want to get rid of that for people with disabilities too.”

If you are not a Clinton supporter, you need to push your favorite presidential candidate to take a public position, not on their website, but in their speeches, on this issue. It’s not enough to just “know they would be good on this,” because for generations politicians generally good on social issues have failed disabled Americans. 
If you are a Clinton supporter, you need to push your favorite gubernatorial, Congressional, or more local candidates to take a public position on this.
A few years ago, Senator Reid appointed a friend of his who promoted sub-minimum wage and sheltered workshops to the National Council on Disability. That can’t happen again. Let’s shift the window.

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