Department of Navel Gazing: My Year in Blogging and some Highlights

I have written 283 blog posts this year (so far!). Last December, I went on an official 6-week hiatus in order to finish my book, then came back on 2/12 in order to talk about the consequences of debating truth-claims about abuse in public.

In 2013, my highest monthly viewership was about 17,000. In 2014, I had 4000 in February, 40000 in March, 17000 in April, between 25000-30000 every month since. The Daniel Handler story drew an extra 20000+ views to the blog in the first few days after I posted it (this post has 23000 views now). I say views instead of readers because at least some of y’all read me regularly, for which I am both humbled and grateful. It’s the regular readers that push me to keep writing and to try and get better.

Here are some posts from 2014 that I especially like and that you might have missed.

Guest Posts – I had three guest posts this year. I have no guest post policy and turn down about 99% of requests for guest posts (most of which are commercial in nature). But every so often, something special comes along:

Disability: Discourse, Representation, Violence

On Writing:

  • I talk about the consequences of Hyperscribal Society. What does it mean that we’re all writing so much so much of the time?
  • I get asked a lot about whether starting a blog is a good way to get noticed as a writer. I have no idea. But I do have advice for readers – share from the bottom up. It’s great to share the latest brilliant utterances of Famous Writer, but it’s better to share the brilliant utterances of the person who isn’t famous yet.
None of these hit my top-10 blogs for the year, but all of them I think deserve another look.

Thanks for reading!

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