Hate Mail and Rape Culture

Last week I published a CNN essay on rape culture. It was reasonably widely read – some tens of thousands of people at least, 1000 comments, 7400 shares, hundreds of tweets. I think I did a pretty good job. And then I braced for impact.

When I wrote about Jenny McCarthy last summer, I got some of hate mail, disagreement mail, conspiracy theory mail, and so forth. When I wrote about Pope Francis, I got some anti-Catholic mail and covering-up-pedophilia hate mail. It’s never been too bad though.

But when people write or speak about rape culture, they get hate mail, death threats, rape threats, and more. So yesterday, I decided I would share all of the hate mail I got in the wake of my CNN piece.

Of course, I am a guy. A straight, white, married, man.

It’s not that I want threats or hate mail, it’s that I think the lack of them in my case is significant of the broader problem faced by women online or women speaking in public in western culture more generally.

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